Since 2013 the FSI has been gathering and presenting statistical evidence on the condition of the small charity sector, by consulting its members through quarterly Index surveys. This evidence is intended both to strengthen the voice of small charities in a public policy context, and to offer an informative snapshot of the changing environment facing these organisations. The charities consulted throughout the Index project deliver a diverse range of services across the UK, but along with around 90% of organisations registered with the Charity Commission, all have an annual income below £1.5 million. The FSI has always held that the wellbeing of society as a whole is dependent on the efforts of these smaller organisations and, through this ongoing commitment to data collection, we hope to contribute towards development of a civil framework that better supports the furtherance of the benevolent aims of these charities.







Having collected quarterly data from UK-based small charities from 2013 to the present, in 2019 the FSI has been in a position to consider the overarching trends in what has been reported by respondents during this period. The data analysed in this report covers five clear years, from September 2013 up until August 2018 – taken as a whole, the figures reveal consistent and observable characteristics of the small charity sector, as well as some substantial, and occasionally quite startling, changes over time.  Find out more on each of the three areas we are focusing on in our Trends Report 2019













Total number of charity survey responses considered in the 2019 Charity Trends Report (N) = 4,999

Average number of responses to each quarterly survey = 249.5

Maximum quarterly responses over the period considered = 348

Minimum quarterly responses over the period considered = 119 (in Q1, 2013)