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Due to Covid-19 all of our training will take place online until further notice


(Previously London)

JULY 2020

(Previously Manchester)

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Lizzie Smalldon

Childhood Eye

Cancer Trust


How to book

Just follow the link on our upcoming events to book your place.

You need to be a member of the FSI to book onto our training courses.

Check our membership page for more information on how to become a member


As always, our aim is to keep the costs to our small charity delegates to a minimum through our own fundraising efforts. 


Full and Half Day Webinar Training Courses have an average market value of £300/ £175 but are delivered to our members for £10 (half day) or £20 (full day). To secure a place you will be required to pay a £30 deposit for half day sessions, and £50 for full days, but on attendance and after completing the full training course £20 or £30 respectively will be refunded to you. Retained fees contribute to deposit and refund processing and administration costs.

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