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At the FSI we know the difficulties, challenges and isolation many sole fundraisers face. We are delighted to be launching a new, free programme supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, providing specific and tailored support for sole fundraisers in small charities (organisations with a turnover under £1 million*).  

Join us for a series of 90-minute support sessions covering a range of topics to meet your specific needs. There will be the added opportunity to connect and network with other likeminded sole fundraiser who understand the same challenges you face.  

**Eligible organisations are charities (UK-registered or non-registered), community interest companies (CIC) or community organisations

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Upcoming Sessions

Sign up to the sessions you will find most valuable (maximum 4 sessions per person, after this you can add yourself to our waiting list).  

Full session details for 2021 to be released soon. Have your say on what you would like delivered by choosing from our full list in our short survey  

Strategy and business planning in times of change

Date: 2nd December

Time: 16:00 – 17:30 PM

Cost: Free 

We are currently living in a hugely uncertain environment, both personally and professionally. In practice, this means that future planning within a charity can feel like gazing into a crystal ball. This can make it seem impossible to know where to start, coupled with the fact that when working with limited resources, finding the time to plan can feel like a luxury you can’t afford to take.  In reality, making time to plan in an emergency or difficult situation is vital for the survival of your charity. The perfect solution does not exist, we have to step back to make sure we are making the most of the resources and opportunities we do have. 

As sole fundraisers, you need to know how your organisation is responding and adapting so that you can then adapt your fundraising plans and communicate these messages effectively to your donors and funders. 

Join this session to learn  

  • Dynamic organisational strategy development that allows for flex to changing circumstances – useful tools and approaches 

  • Getting others on board to buy into the process and result 

  • Communicating the results to donors, supporters 

N.B. This session focuses on organisational strategy and how this will impact you as a fundraiser, not on developing a fundraising strategy. 

Places are limited so secure your place to help build your network and support your development. 

Time Management - working smarter not harder

Date: 10th December

Time: 8:45 – 10:15 AM

Cost: Free 

Sole fundraisers need to continuously juggle a varied and heavy workload. Working harder and longer, especially during this time of crisis, is unsustainable and likely to lead to increased stress and anxiety for many. 

When the resource is not available to increase headcount to share the workload, a tool that can help you stay focused and save time is Time Management. Time Management can help to boost productivity, enabling you to get more done in the limited time you have available whilst helping you avoid the trap of simply always being ‘busy.’ 

This workshop will look at tried and tested techniques in Time Management to help you stay focused, productive, and ultimately improving your well-being. 

Places are limited so secure your place to help build your network and support your development. 

Returning to work after long term absence

Date: 16th December

Time: 12:00 – 13:30 PM

Cost: Free 

There are many reasons why you may have had a prolonged absence from work, from long-term sick leave, parental leave or you may be one of the thousands within the charity sector who have either been furloughed or made redundant. 

Being out of the working environment for weeks or months may have seen your personal priorities shift, whilst changes have also been taking place within your organisation. 

This workshop will look at options to get back into the working world, from getting straight back into your routine to easing back in gently; revisiting goals and objectives - both personally and professionally; and how to embrace the ‘new normal’ taking the opportunity to redefine new expectations for yourself and others to best make adjustments to how you do your job.  

Places are limited so secure your place to help build your network and support your development. 

Have questions about booking, click here to read our FAQs

Who are the sessions for?

Sole fundraisers and small charity leaders who undertake the fundraising function for your charity. 


Between 2 – 3 sessions will be run per month from the end of November 2020 to the end of March 2021.  

What does each session involve?

Each support session will be 90-minutes, offering a learning opportunity on a particular topic and then facilitated group discussions to explore the topic in more depth whilst engaging with other lone fundraisers. 

What are the costs?


The fee to access these sessions has been donated by the National Lottery Community Fund. 



Understanding, Managing and Coping with Stress 

Date: 24th November

Time: 8:00 – 09:30 AM

Cost: Free 

When we talk about stress, we tend to use the generic term stress to describe the incidence of distress - where the level of stress we're under is greater than our ability to cope and productivity drops (sometimes catastrophically) as a result.  Reality dictates that some stress is needed in order for us to function. In fact, it takes a certain level of stress to stimulate our interest and motivation. 


This interactive workshop will look at how stress occurs, where on the stress curve we each achieve peak productivity, how to identify when we're heading towards too much stress, and what to do about it if we are, to help support you in your fundraising function. 


Places are limited so secure your place to help build your network and support your development. 

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