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SOLE Fundraiser

Support & Development sessions

At the FSI we know the difficulties, challenges and isolation many sole fundraisers face. We are delighted to be launching a new, free programme supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, providing specific and tailored support for sole fundraisers in small charities (organisations with a turnover under £1 million*).  

Join us for a series of 90-minute support sessions covering a range of topics to meet your specific needs. There will be the added opportunity to connect and network with other likeminded sole fundraiser who understand the same challenges you face.  

**Eligible organisations are charities (UK-registered or non-registered), community interest companies (CIC) or community organisations

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Who are the sessions for?

Sole fundraisers and small charity leaders who undertake the fundraising function for your charity. 


Between 2 – 3 sessions will be run per month from the end of November 2020 to the end of March 2021.  

What does each session involve?

Each support session will be 90-minutes, offering a learning opportunity on a particular topic and then facilitated group discussions to explore the topic in more depth whilst engaging with other lone fundraisers. 

What are the costs?


The fee to access these sessions has been donated by the National Lottery Community Fund. 



Upcoming Sessions

Please book your sessions using the link below.

While some sessions are currently fully booked, the FSI is looking to open more sessions in the coming months.

March sessions
Stressed Man

With the start of a new financial year beginning in April, we need to have our plans in order to hit the ground running to meet our targets. But knowing what to include in our strategies when we are living in an ever-changing environment can put us off the process.  

With limited resources in small charities, it is so important to prioritise the most effective fundraising activities for the greatest return of investment. But where to start when the rules we’re living in are changing week by week and the fundraising environment is looking very different to where we were 12 months ago?


Join this session to learn about the useful tools available to help us hone in on what the best routes are for our fundraising in a time of flux, taking the uncertainty out of the process. 

Planning and prioritising when in flux

Date: 4th March

Time: 12:30 – 14:00 PM

Cost: Free 

March sessions
Back to Work with Masks

2020 has been the year of the fundraising pivot, with fundraisers across the country working miracles to continue fundraising for their cause when plans became obsolete. 

With fundraising activities cancelled with little or no notice, funders changing their priorities, and corporate partners suddenly working from home, the fundraising pivot has become a lifeline for small charities. Those who could innovate and think differently have seen great success, but it can be overwhelming to know how to maintain this momentum in the long-term, or even where to start. Join this session to find out what to consider when looking at the options available to your charity and to discuss your position with other charity leaders and fundraisers, so you pick the best fundraising gems and secure the highest return of investment possible. 

Pivotting Fundraising Plans

Date: 9th March

Time: 9:30 – 11:00 AM

Cost: Free 

March sessions
Image by Bundo Kim

In many cases the pandemic has thrown our normal communication plans out of the window as many of our fundraising options are no longer available to us. At the same time, we want to be sensitive to our donors and supporters, at what is a difficult time for all.  

This has led us to question what is the right amount to contact our supporters, what is the right content and what is the right ask. You will know better than anyone that there are many ways to connect with your supporters besides asking for money.


Join this session to learn the techniques to give your communications the greatest impact, how to have a truly donor centric approach and what you can offer your supporters when you contact them to give them the chance to support you, whether or not they have the budget to donate right now. 

Keeping in touch with supporters

Date: 16th March

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 PM

Cost: Free 

March sessions
Image by Austin Distel

Influencing is an essential business skill as well as a fundamental success factor for many of the best fundraisers. Whether you’re making an ask of a major donor, or influencing your board to sign off on the plan you feel will have the best return of investment for your charity, influencing plays a key part. 

Join this session to understand the psychology of why people say yes and the key principles of influencing that you can add to your toolkit.  

Using the art of influencing to thrive as a sole fundraiser

Date: 24th March

Time: 16:00 – 17:30 PM

Cost: Free 

Have questions about booking, click here to read our FAQs.

If you have special access requirements please make sure to inform us via email or call us on (+44) 20 8142 5147 prior to the event.

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