Advice and Peer Mentoring

Opportunity to receive one-to-one advice from industry experts, plus a peer-led mentoring programme.

We offer a range of free advice and mentoring support for development organisations with a turnover under £250,000*.

*If the pandemic has adversely impacted your finances this year, making it likely you will fall under the £250k threshold, you are able to access the programme if you can provide evidence that this is the case, even if the Charity Commission accounts state that you are over. Fill in the short form below to let us know and send your evidence (such as an extract from your most recent 12 month budget, or email confirmation from a Trustee) to, showing that your annual income has dropped below £250k.


Latest Updates

Eligible charities can book a FREE Advice clinic with us and get support on any charity related topic.

Advice Hub

We will match you with a volunteer expert advisor, with the experience and knowledge to answer your submitted questions. You will have 1 hour of dedicated time with your advisor for knowledge exchange and moral support. You can submit requests on any charity-related topic and we will find the right advisor for you.

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Self-selecting Peer Mentoring

The Small International Development Charities Facebook group allows you to view mentors, and get in touch directly. You can also list yourself as an available mentor via this page. If you aren't yet a member of the page, you will need to request membership before accessing the mentoring section.

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FSI-facilitated Peer Mentoring

If you aren't on Facebook, or would like the FSI to match you with an available peer mentor, just let us know your details via the button below, and we will be in touch as soon as we can with your match. You can register your interest in being a mentor here:

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Accessibility Support

Please fill in the form below to share any access requirements and how we can best support you to access the FSI's Small International Development Charity programme.


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