Small International Development Charities Programme

This project has been designed to improve the resilience and capacity of small international-focused Civil Society Organisations in the UK, to deliver their strategic objectives. It is funded with UK aid from the UK government along with some matched funding from The Foundation for Social Improvement (The FSI). The project aims to harness the expertise of small UK charities working internationally, to improve knowledge, skills and confidence and ultimately improve outcomes for end users in the countries in which the charities operate. 

Whilst this funded programme is for Small International Civil Society Organisations (CSO) with an annual income under £250,000, we are opening up a small number of additional places across some provision to small charities with an annual income under £1million.

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Aid Cut Statement

The FSI exists to create a world filled with independent, effective and accountable charities with the belief, passion and capacity to achieve their vision. We work to build and share knowledge, to elevate the voice of small charities with policy makers and the public, to build leadership in small charities and to support small charities to raise vital funds to meet the needs of their beneficiaries. We were devastated to hear of the cuts to UK Aid, recently announced by FCDO. The loss of the Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) in particular is a huge loss to the small international development charity sector. Our Small International Development Charities Programme is funded by FCDO through what remains of the SCCF. Being among the few projects unaffected by these tragic cuts, we are more motivated than ever to stand up for small charities working in international development.  We exist to support small charities, and we will work to ensure that we support you in the best ways we can in the wake of these harmful cuts. If you would like to contact us about how your organisation has been impacted and how we can best support you please email