Nottingham September 2019 (18th)

Training in Nottingham: 18th September 2019

Our Nottingham event will offer 80 delegate training places so that all small charities, wherever they are, can access the skills they need to become self-sustaining.

Training sessions cover a wide range of fundraising techniques and back office skills delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

Generously supported by the Open Gate Trust

  • Venue: Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service, 7 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FB
  • Time: 9.45am – 4.30pm (registration from 9.15am)

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Interested in sponsoring this event, or having this training delivered in-house? Contact us on or 020 7324 4777 for more information.

WEDNESDAY 18th September 2019

Developing Your Fundraising Strategy (Full Day)

A comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy is at the core of sustainability for any charity. Taking a strategic approach to fundraising will help ensure that your charity has a mixed income approach which focuses energy and resources to those fundraising areas that will bring maximum return, both in the short-term and long-term. It will also help you to ensure that your fundraising efforts support your charity to fulfill its mission, vision and objectives rather than detract from the valuable work that you do. Read more on the Course Content section when you book using the Book Now Button.

Developing Your Case For Support (Full Day)

The importance to your organisation of a clear, concise and compelling Case for Support is vital to your success in securing donors and supporters. Simply put, telling a compelling story effectively, at the right time and to the right audience will have a huge impact on your ability to engage supporters and raise funds for your charity. The course will empower participants to develop an inspiring case for support that creates a uniform message about why they are important as a charity, how they make a difference and what people can do to support or get involved. Read more on the Course Description section when you book using the Book Now Button.

Charity Leaders’ Role in Fundraising (Half Day AM)

One of the key strategic responsibilities of Charity Leaders is to ensure that the charity has sufficient resources to pursue its aims and objectives. This responsibility requires Charity Leaders to take an active interest in fund development. This workshop will cover the key areas that Charity Leaders should be focussing on to discharge their responsibility. Read more on the Course Description section when you book using the Book Now Button.

Charity Leaders’ Role in Strategy Development (Half Day PM)

It is charity’s leaders, both Trustees and staff, that decide and deliver the direction of work for the charity. Charity Leaders, using the expertise and knowledge they bring to the charity and the information given to them from those who directly work with their beneficiaries, are responsible for the forward direction of the charity. As such they play a key role in ensuring that the strategic direction of the charity is focused on their beneficiary needs. Read more on the Course Description section when you book using the Book Now Button.

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