Face to Face Training

Providing Affordable Training to Small Charities

Our extensive charity training programme, heavily subsidised by the FSI, is at the core of our support for small charities and covers topics including fundraising, impact measurement, governance and project management.


As always, our aim is to keep the costs to our small charity delegates to a minimum through our own fundraising efforts. Full and Half Day Training Courses have an average market value of £300/£175 but are delivered to our members for £10 (half day) or £20 (full day). To secure a place you will be required to pay a £30 deposit for half day sessions, and £50 for full days, but on attendance and after completing the full training course £20 or £30 respectively will be refunded to you. Retained fees contribute to deposit and refund processing and administration costs.

Coming up soon

Please click here to view our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. We can also deliver our wide range of training topics in-house for your charity. Contact us for further information or to register your interest in a future event, email admin@thefsi.org.

London – 12th, 13th and 14th May 2020 – now online

Manchester – 1st July 2020