FSI Small Charity Big Impact Awards 2020

Friday 19th June 2020

Small Charity Big Impact Day 

This year during Small Charity Week we will be using Small Charity Big Impact Day to raise awareness of the incredible impact that UK small charities have locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!

During this time, now more than ever the effects our work has is essential, with much of the work you do, as a small charity, going unnoticed – maybe because you are so busy doing and don’t have the time to tell everybody what you’re actually doing!  So rather than celebrating the few we want to hear about the many!

How it works: Using the provided template why not take a photo or record a short (10-20 second) video highlighting the amazing impact you made over the past 12 months. Post it on social media using the hashtag #SmallCharityBigImpactDay.

Download this template to support your efforts.

Let’s get it trending! Therefore we encourage you to motivate your supporters to post on your behalf too.

  • For Twitter include: @SCweek2020
  • For Instagram include: smallcharityweek
  • For Facebook – Post your photo message to the Small Charity Week Facebook wall

We will be reviewing social media over the day (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) tracking the organisations supporting the day using the #SmallCharityBigImpactDay hashtag and will be looking to award a number of small donations for the most eye-catching posts!


Small Charity Big Impact Day 2020 is supported by: