1 Hour Webinars (Webinar60)

The Webinar60 Series are launched approximately 4 weeks prior to the LIVE DATE.



Charity Leaders: Strategy & Business Planning – 16th July 2019, 8:30am

It is a key strategic responsibility of Trustees and charity leaders to ensure that the charity has a clear forward strategy and supporting plan that sets out the direction and priorities, in order to deliver organisational purpose. This webinar is designed to give charity Trustees and leaders an overview of the process of developing a strategy and business plan, to consider who they will involve in the process and how, and provide some useful tools and resources for developing the strategy and business plan.




Charity Leaders: Fundraising – 16th July 2019, 11:00am

One of the key strategic responsibilities of the Trustee Board is to ensure that the charity has sufficient resources to pursue its aims and objectives. This responsibility requires Trustees to take an active interest in fund development. This webinar will cover the key considerations for trustees in considering a robust and sustainable approach to fundraising and income for their charity.




Charity Leaders: Good Governance – 16th July 2019, 1:30pm

An active, involved and well-developed trustee board is essential for the success of any small charity.This webinar will look at key legal duties and responsibilities of trustees and how these translate in practice to ensure a high performing Board. It will provide an overview of the key trustee responsibilities and duties, and support charity CEOs, Chairs and Trustees who want to find out how they can ensure they deliver good governance and get the best out of their Trustee Boards.