Fundraising Conference June 2018

The FSI Fundraising Conference: Sharing the Best 2018

The FSI’s annual Fundraising Conference was a huge success and we share top tip videos soon, watch this space!

Our next Fundraising Conference will take place in Leeds in October 2018, more details coming soon.

  • Plenary Speaker: Adrian Sargeant

    Building Donor Loyalty for your Small Charity Building donor loyalty doesn’t just happen by accident, there are concrete steps that every small charity can take to enhance the relationship they nurture with their donors. Through his years of research, Sargeant has found the greatest benefit is seen when fundraisers think about how we make our donors feel when we communicate with them. The goal needs to be being respectful and developing relationships. Donations are then more likely to follow. In Adrian Sargeant’s groundbreaking research, he uncovered 7 key reasons why donors will sometimes stay with a charity for years. Through this research, he’s able to provide practical steps any charity can take to avoid donor attrition and therefore increase their ... view full talk outline »

  • Making Major Gifts Work in a Small Charity

    Size Doesn’t Matter: Making Major Gifts Work in a Small Charity Major Donor Fundraising is a potential funding source for any sized organisation. Securing gifts from major donors is an art based on relationship building that any small charity can put ... view full talk outline »

  • Meet the Funders – Trusts and Foundations Panel

    Meet the Funders – Trusts and Foundations Panel Trust and foundations are a fundamental fundraising source for charities of all sizes and yet it is often difficult to get feedback to help improve our applications to support future success. A ... view full talk outline »

  • Future Proofing Your Fundraising – Maximising Millennials

    Future Proofing Your Fundraising – Maximising Millennials Millennials are increasingly being seen as a source of new donors in the fundraising world. Research from Deloitte has highlighted 63% of millennials donate to charity and 43% actively volunteer. However, they are ... view full talk outline »

  • Online Fundraising – Theory into Practice

    Online Fundraising – Theory into Practice Online fundraising is one of the fastest growing income streams with increasing numbers of supporters giving to charity in this way. The trend is something that shouldn’t be ignored as everyone from individual givers ... view full talk outline »

  • Building Strategic Corporate Partnerships

    Building Strategic Corporate Partnerships – lessons from a small charity Small charity, Just a Drop, took a strategic approach to their corporate fundraising activities to gain sponsorship, Charity of the Year partnerships, cause-related marketing partnerships and support from CSR departments. ... view full talk outline »