Skills Survey 14/15

CoverSmall Charities are a key part of civil society.  They play an important role in supporting the economy, in building social cohesion and in integrating those individuals who are in danger of being marginalised from society.  Having the relevant skills to undertake this important role is vital to ensure an efficient, effective and sustainable small charity sector.

It is important to invest in the development of a thriving and diverse small charity sector.  Small charities represent all that is relevant in a healthy democracy – where people come together around the causes they care about and make a difference.

A key asset of every small charity is its staff and over the same period (June 2013 to August 2014) charities have reported reductions in staff.  Workload issues have been highlighted quarter on quarter as small charity staff spend more and more time on delivery.  Many small charity staff must also spend increasing amounts their time on fund development as they seek to balance the increased costs of delivering higher levels of services against flat lining income.

These are not easy times and so it is now more important than ever that we take time to find out what skills support and development is needed in order that small charities are able to continue their vital work.  We hope that this report ignites the debate on how we support small charities to become more effective and self sustaining in order that their doors remain open to the millions who need their support.

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