We were Premier Charity Solutions, we are Qlic!

_ Qlic IT for Charities_

After almost 20 years, we’ve decided to refresh our brand and reinvent ourselves for the future. Even though we now have a brand-new uniform, you will still receive the same excellent experience from the same amazing team as before!

Our Story

Essentially, we wanted our brand to help us evolve into the business we are fast becoming. We needed to look, feel and sound: modern, reliable, strong, established, ambitious, personable, approachable, proactive, professional. We wanted our existing clients to really feel proud of who they’re working with and of course, we always love to spark relationships with new, exciting organisations around the country. That’s why we had to make a move, not away but forwards and upwards. We’ve upgraded everything from our name and our identity down to our tone of voice. Everybody’s got a dream, ours is to be bigger and serve our people better, and a new brand is the vehicle we need to arrive at that destination.

A peek behind the scenes

We’re a pretty open and honest bunch, as you’ll know. So, we want to share our thought process with you because there’s much more to this amazing transformation than simply wanting to look better. The first thing we did was head back to the drawing board to nail down our mission and vision… Mission: Our mission is to proactively empower organisations and businesses around the UK with the best possible IT solutions.

Vision: We see a brighter future for Britain’s organisations in which their digital performance is optimised so they can run to the best of their potential.

What we stand for

While our old name might have been right for 2002, over the last decade it’s felt outdated. Qlic is slick, punchy, modern, and it captures our togetherness as a team. Going one step further, Qlic can also stand for ‘Quality, Leadership, Innovation and Care’ – four attributes which we deliver every single day.

So, that was the short answer! If you’ve still got a few sips of your coffee left, read more of our rebranding story here.

The 7th October will be the first year that we host Small Charity IT Day as Qlic! We will be covering a variety of hot IT topics such as cyber security, social media marketing and tips for efficient working for charities. There may even be an exclusive giveaway to round off the event! Keep an eye on our social channels and mailshots to find out more insights and key information about our upcoming event.

Supporting charitable organisations since 2002,

The Team at Qlic