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We do this by equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to strengthen their teams and develop their social impact.


We have recently announced our plans to strengthen our existing partnership with NCVO to combine our expertise and existing support for the benefit of the small charity sector and to build on the legacy of the Small Charities Coalition after its closure at the end of March. As a partnership, we have the honour to protect the legacy of the Small Charity Coalition (SCC), but in doing so, we have to also acknowledge where wrongdoing took place. Reflecting on the recent launch of “Small and Mighty” we feel we should have acknowledged this in our press release at the time and so we now state our commitment to stand up for equality and to tackle the institutional inequalities which exist in the charity sector.

We are about to launch our new strategy in Small Charity Week, within which is a commitment to collaboration and partnership working. But before we talk through our wider vision in the upcoming weeks, we feel it is important to say a few words about this partnership, as a team, using our collective voice. As we develop new services in partnership with others it is vital that we work with our FSI core values front and centre. These have recently been re-defined as relevant, trusted and open.

In our opinion, to live to these values we have to work with a deep commitment to equality and inclusivity and be honest with the people we support to build trust and ensure their voice is heard. As a small charity working with a much larger institution in NCVO, we need to ensure the ‘voice of small’ resonates loudly and that we create a supportive, diverse and inclusive workplace for all staff and volunteers and that we acknowledge and learn from the harm caused when this doesn’t happen.

We acknowledge that wrongdoing has occurred both at the Small Charities Coalition and NCVO and we believe and support those who suffered this wrongdoing. There is no place for bullying, racism or discrimination or harassment of any kind in society and our sector. We are glad that NCVO have written about their failings and have acknowledged the work to be done and within this partnership we pledge to work hard to hold partners accountable and be a louder advocate for change.

Within this partnership our future actions will be guided on new principles, led by a new leadership team, committed to championing the needs of the many, trying our best not to allow conversation to be dominated by those in power, and being transparent and accountable when we get things wrong.

Our work will evolve, but our commitment to get this right is steadfast. Our strategy will talk through ways we will deepen our commitment to improving the resources and support for small charities looking at their own EDI practice, starting with the establishment of an advisory panel for small charity helpdesk (to hold this new partnership accountable to these values)

With much respect to those standing up for social justice.

The FSI Team

Our new values explained

Relevant: We are committed to ensuring our work is relevant and genuinely useful to our members. We will continue to work hard to refresh and evolve our offer to meet our members’ needs. We know our members have great strengths and knowledge to build on, so we always take a ‘strengths-based’ approach