It’s all change at the FSI!

_ Alice Crowley, The FSI_

Many of you will have had some interaction with Janine Edwards. She’s been an integral part of the FSI for over 10 years and has delivered training, worked on consultancy projects and been a fantastic team leader for us here at the FSI. But now, she’s moving on to a new, exciting role at Power for the People as their CEO! We’re obviously going to miss Janine, but we wish her all the best going forward and are sure she will be just as fantastic there as she has been here.

But there’s no point in me speaking for her when she’s written her own goodbye:

“After over a decade with the FSI, I am moving on to a new challenge this month as CEO of a brilliant small international development charity, Power for the People. As I reflect on the last 11 years training, supporting and advising thousands of our #smallbutmighty members, I’ve realised just how much I have learned from you all, that I will look forward to putting into action in my new role. At the FSI we truly believe that you, our small charity members, are the glue holding society together. I am absolutely amazed by your passion for your causes, your commitment to those you serve, and the positive difference you make in our lives every day. Thank you for all you do.”

I’m sure that many of you who have attended Janine’s training will have seen the passion she has for small charities and want to thank her for all she has done for the sector.

There is more change afoot though!

We are pleased to welcome back Remi, who you may have spoken to on the phone or emailed with a query (so you know just how great she is), as our Programmes Manager.

We’re also excited to announce that we have a new CEO, Stuart Thomason, starting in December. Keep an eye out for more information about him once he officially starts!

SO… there’s all the updates we have to share! We wish Janine all the best and are sure she will be just as fantastic in her new role as she has been here.

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