Build a sustainable organisation

_ Stuart Thomason, CEO of the FSI _

On joining the FSI we asked our new CEO, Stuart to share a ‘top tip’ which may help FSI members to create a sustainable organisation. Here he outlines his approach to team development and how focusing on strengths makes for happy, impactful people.

So it’s January. Again. (Sigh)

Traditionally a time for quiet reflection, setting some personal goals and making a plan to ‘fix’ your (often self-defined) weaknesses.

But what if this year you asked yourself a different question – What are my top 5 strengths and how can I build upon them this year? For me, that’s a much more positive and fulfilling way look at personal and subsequently, organisational development.

For example, one of my strengths is strategic thinking / business modelling, pretty handy in my new role as CEO but absolutely useless unless I am supported by team of planning and logistical ninjas. Naturally, my role is to develop FSI into a sustainable organisation which will be there to support people who work within small charities to maximise their social impact. The key to this will be developing and supporting my colleagues, and those we collaborate with, to recognise, nurture and develop their strengths, so collectively, we compliment each others skills.

Sounds like utopia, but for any organisation regardless of size / resource this approach is easy to adopt. A quick listen to this free podcast or completing the questionnaire within this book (you will need to buy it) will guide the process and shape your thinking. Critically, if you are in a leadership role like me, you just have to be willing to support people on the journey of only working to their strengths as that’s when the magic happens (trust me) and the art of saying no becomes a well-honed skill.

Be considered. Be intentional - To thine own self be true.

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