Lessons learned from Zoom

We’ve now delivered several days of consultancy and training entirely remotely and we’ve learned a lot through trial and error during these weeks!

We thought we’d share with you a few of our top tips for running training, meetings and events remotely. You might also want to check out our Commercial Director Janine’s blog on virtual trustee meetings here.

  1. Make sure you’ve got the right people there. Does every single person need to be there? Now is a great chance to strip back your meetings and not automatically put them in everyone’s diaries.

  2. Share an agenda in advance as you normally would, so people know what to expect, when breaks will be, and how best to prepare.

  3. Prepare documents in advance and really think through what the user experience will be. How can you make it as smooth as possible? I like to create tables for people to collaboratively work on, or write out some headings and invite people to annotate under each.

  4. Use video, at least for some of the day. It really helps to put a face to a name.

  5. Explore the different options already out there. If you normally do something with post-it notes, there are websites that can help you recreate that!

  6. Consider multimedia options – could you bring a slide to life with a video? Could images or an interactive activity explain this better than words?

  7. Build in breaks as normal, and in fact consider making them a little longer than normal. People are at home and might have kids or pets to tend to, and lunch takes longer to make from scratch than grabbing something from an M&S sandwich platter! And don’t be afraid to add a spontaneous break if you can feel the energy flagging.

  8. Test it out! If you’re trying a new feature or perhaps collaborating with someone new, make sure you build in a practice run so people are confident before the real thing.

  9. Don’t forget to be human – this is new to everyone, an honest word and a smile can gloss over the most awkward technological glitches.

  10. What are some top tips you’ve learned over the last few weeks of digital exploration?

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