Small Charity Index Prize Draw

By contributing to the Small Charity Index, you are enabling the FSI to facilitate a stronger voice for small charities on issues that are of concern to all of us. Your contribution is valued, appreciated and does make a difference. As a thank you, every charity that completes the Small Charity Index is eligible to enter our prize draw (see eligibility criteria below).

In 2020, we will be offering a prize of £100 for your charity each quarter! Those filling in two or more consecutive surveys will be eligible.

In 2018/19, there were four prize videos up for grabs. Winners are working alongside an experienced professional director to create a 5 minute video all about their small charity. Videos can be brilliant tools to:

  • Raise awareness for your cause
  • Gain supporters
  • Promote your charity to specific funding streams, i.e. corporate engagement
  • Explain what it is that your charity does.

If you are not already on the Index mailing list and meet the eligibility criteria, email to be added.

The prizes will be drawn on a rolling basis. You will have four opportunities to win throughout the year – as long as you’ve completed two surveys prior to the draw date, you will be entered into the draw.

When will the 2020 surveys be released?

December 2019/January/February 2020

  • Survey opens in March 2020

March/April/May 2020

  • Survey opens in June 2020

June/July/August 2020

  • Survey opens in September 2020

September/October/November 2020

  • Survey opens in December 2020

To receive alerts when the next survey opens, email to be added to our mailing list.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Your charity must be an FSI small charity member with an annual turnover under £1.5 million

2. The survey must be completed by the most senior staff member, or by the Chair or Treasurer of the charity. If the person completing the survey is not the most senior person, you will not be entered into the prize draw.

3. The survey must be completed fully.

4. To be eligible and be entered into the draw to win the first prize you must complete surveys in Quarter 1 and 2.
– To be eligible and be entered into the draw to win the second prize you must complete surveys in Quarter 2 and 3.
– To be eligible and be entered into the draw to win the third prize you must complete surveys in Quarter 3 and 4.

Charities completing all four surveys will also have the opportunity to be entered into a separate End of Year prize draw.