Policy & Research

The FSI works to promote a sustainable, knowledgeable, and represented small charity sector. In order achieve its work to create a ‘represented’ sector the FSI undertakes regular research into the small charity sector. This research underpins the FSI’s policy activities and ensures that our work is informed by our membership.

The policy work of the FSI is varied and ranges from responding to Government consultations, to running engagement events such as Small Charity Week which give small charities the opportunity to meet with Government and policy makers.

In 2013 the FSI published two pieces of research. In June 2013 the Small Charity Sector Skills Survey was published; this report examines skills gaps in small charities and the solutions required to support these organisations. The FSI also published a report into the experiences of small charities in the procurement and commissioning process entitled Gridlock: Breaking through the barriers to commissioning services from the small charity sector.

Small Charity Week 2013 (17-22 June) marked the launch of the Small Charity Index. The Index is a monthly ‘pulse of the sector’ report looking at key issues facing small charities, from income to workforce issues. The Index will provide up-to-date information on the sector which will be important in informing decision-making on the small charity sector.