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organisational Strength reviews

FSI Small Charity Members and Associate Members receive 20% discount on our consultancy fees

We have outlined three packages of support below; however, please contact to discuss your specific needs and how we can help

Online Organisational Resilience and Sustainability Diagnostic

Following completion of our online diagnostic and a clarification call, we will provide a report with our analysis and recommendations for strengthening specific aspects of the organisation in the following key areas:

  • Governance

  • Leadership

  • Finances and Income

  • Activities and Impact

  • Staff and Volunteer Resources

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Administrative Systems

Organisational Strengths Review

The FSI uses an Appreciative Inquiry model, a strengths-based approach that works particularly well in strategic and development contexts.  We will gather information through a range of methods including:

  • Our unique online Organisation Resilience and Sustainability Diagnostic

  • Best practice knowledge and research garnered from working with over 6,000 charities in the UK and internationally.

  • Time spent onsite at your organisation, involving and engaging with staff, volunteers and Trustees in group and 1:1 contexts

We will provide you with a comprehensive report providing our detailed analysis and recommendations for strengthening specific aspects of the organisation.  The report will identify key organisational strengths and where these have come from, as well as any challenges/weaknesses and opportunities and threats on the horizon.  We will consider what key capabilities and resources will be needed to fully realise the organisations ambitions and take advantage of opportunities.

Organisational Strengths Review plus Implementation Support


Following your Organisational Strengths Review we can also provide further 1:1 consultancy and advice to help you implement recommendations in the report.

For more information contact our consultancy team on or telephone 020 7324 4777.

Case Study: Family Care Nottingham

Family Care Nottingham is a children’s charity based in Nottingham who help and support vulnerable children and families across the East Midlands region.

The FSI completed an Organisation Strengths Review for Family Care Nottingham to support a stage 2 Application to Big Lottery Fund’s Reaching Communities programme.

The challenge: Having been awarded a Big Lottery Grant, Family Care Nottingham faced a challenge in deciding what area would most benefit from building capacity in to ensure their long term sustainability.

How we helped: We completed our online diagnostic and spent a day with the Nottingham Family Care senior management team.  This included a session on mapping their services and identifying unmet needs, investigating how they could build their sustainability and completing a review of their infrastructure and systems.

We produced a report which allowed them to identify strengths and development needs and decide what their priorities should be for the upcoming financial year. The report included recommendations on how Family Care Nottingham could build their capabilities, to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence in order to deliver more effective and sustainable projects

The results: Family Care Nottingham have now clearly identified their core services to focus on, built a funding strategy to develop their long term sustainability and put in place a new structure for their infrastructure and systems.

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