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The FSI is always looking for ways to support our members and ensure that small charities can access the learning they need. We know it can be challenging to take time out of the office to attend face-to-face training so have developed a growing suite of e-learning courses that are commensurate to our full day class or webinar based training. 

Online courses of this quality have a market value of between £195 and £215. As ever, in our mission to make learning as accessible as possible for small charities, the e-learning modules will be heavily subsidised for our Small Charity (annual turnover under £1 million) and Associate (annual turnover £1 to 5 million) Members.

If you are not a Small Charity Member, you can still access these resources, unlike our webinar and class based training.

E-learning Format

Courses takes place online. It includes a series of modules, each explained through audio clips and written sections. There are a number of exercises, some are interactive  and some will require you to download and complete separately.

The course is designed to take approximately 5-7 hours to complete in full, including exercises. You can use the modules at your own pace within your access period (usually 30 days), and can pause at any point and come back to where you left-off. Please note: the access period begins on date of purchase.

How do I access this?

For existing Members and Associate Members

Simply log in using the Member Login Button and purchase access to the E-learning course through the FSI Learning Portal, as you would for a normal training event.

Charity with a turnover between

£1m – 5m?

You are eligible to become an Associate Member of the FSI, giving you access to e-learning, webinars, face to face training, conferences, discounts on consultancy and qualifications and more, for a fixed annual fee. Click here to see the benefits of Associate Membership.If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member, contact the development team at

Charity with a turnover over £5m or don’t want to become an Associate Member?

You can purchase one-off access for 30 days to an e-learning course for £150.00 by contacting the development team at

Current E-learning courses



Supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation

Developing a comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy is vital to the sustainability of your charity. Taking a strategy approach to your fundraising will help you diversify and strengthen your income streams and enable you to focus resources on areas with the highest return.

This e-learning course will give you the tools and understanding to build a sustainable fundraising strategy for your organisation. It will provide a structured road map and activities to link together your organisational objectives with your fundraising targets and methods, and to develop an action plan to put the strategy into practice. This course will benefit the most senior fundraiser within your charity, such as the CEO, Fundraising Manager or person leading/with responsibility for the fundraising function.

NOTE: Course will appear in your basket at full price, and discounts will be added prior to payment


Supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation

Legacies provide around £1.9 billion income for charities every year. The legacy market is experiencing strong growth and all charities no matter how large or small should consider how they can build a legacy income stream

This e-learning course will give you the tools and understanding to build a Legacy Programme appropriate for your organisation.

This course will benefit all fundraisers wanting to expand their knowledge and develop Legacy Fundraising Campaigns as part of their overall fundraising mix.


Stewardship: Retaining & Maintaining Donors and Supporters



Charities with annual income up to:

£50,000 = £25

£51,000 - £250,000 = £40

£251,000 - £500,000 = £55

£501,000 - £1,000,000 = £70

Associate Members = £95

Non Members = £150

Charities not eligible for FSI membership or Associate Membership please contact

NOTE: Course will appear in your basket at full price, and discounts will be added prior to payment



We are excited that we are able to deliver a blended learning experience to our members combining face to face learning with online webinars and videos.

Options for remote learning webinars include




More detail will be updated soon

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