This is not a Conference! We’ve already delivered two of those this year! This is a collection of interactive fundraising workshops delivered by the FSI team, sponsored by the Fundraising Regulator.  

We have thrown in a few short info sessions to keep you updated on the latest products and ideas, but it is a day delivered by the FSI team you have come to know and love. Our small charity members often refer to the FSI team as “the trusted, knowledgeable friend who will sit by your side and help you to do it, and not a stuffy lecturer dictating in the corner”. So that’s what this day is all about. 


The day event will consist of a series of core workshops, a journey, to support you and your small charity in its fundraising. Whether its Speaking to Stakeholders, Listening to Donors, Delivering the strategy or Thanking your Supporters there will be something for you. Plus, you will have plenty of opportunity to network with fellow small charities, to share knowledge, experiences and to be inspired.

WHEN: 9th December 2020

VENUE: Online - At your home or desk (internet required)

TIME: 9:30 – 16.15 (registration 09.15 – 09:30)

           Main sessions ends at 15.00, networking session from 15.00 -16.15

COST: FREE for FSI members (deposit £20)

Limited spaces available. Registration will close on 4th December.


The FSI team have developed a series of mini workshops on the course aspects of fundraising. We will share examples and provide you with time to play with tools, gaining feedback from your FSI trainer and peers. 


Unlike our previous two conferences (one as a collection of recordings and one a traditional live speaker event) this will be small interactive breakout sessions, like our training events



In addition to the main workshops below, there will be a collection of bite size sessions from our expert sponsors throughout the day.


Elevator pitch - Why us?

(Ali Collins)

This session, led by Ali Collins will look at the language a fundraiser can use to engage or speak to their donors or potential supporters. By the end of this workshop you will have explored persuasive techniques to help answer those elusive questions... Why should you get my donation above others? What makes your cause so engaging? 


Two ears one mouth - Having effective conversation

(Lindsay Harrod)

Whilst it is important to communicate our message to supporters, it is equally (if not more so) important to listen, and listen actively, and understand what makes them ‘tick’. So, Lindsay will work with you during this session to explore the right questions to ask of your supporters, listen to their responses from their interests to concerns and help you to establish effective and successful conversations. 


Setting practical fundraising goals & tactics

(Janine Edwards)

Covid-19 has challenged many a fundraiser and their fundraising plans often requiring quick pivoting of plans and ideas. We will deliver a session that will provide you with an opportunity to reassess your plan, reset your fundraising goals, consider new tactics needed to achieve these goals and identify metrics to monitor progress.


Thank you - Now pass it on

(Networking sessions from 3pm onwards)

With news of good stewardship doubling donor income during Covid-19, this session will provide real examples of great stewardship and an opportunity for you so share examples and network with fellow fundraisers. How will you thank and steward your supporters differently after this session? 

Please note that this event is sponsored by the Fundraising Regulator. When booking and participating in this event, you agree for your contact details  to be shared with them

If you have any questions about booking please see our FAQs section for more information 

Funded by The National Lottery


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