Small charities are worried about Brexit

Small charities are worried about Brexit

This quarter’s Small Charity Index from the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), shows that over a third (37%) of small charity leaders are not at all confident about their future following the Brexit vote.

Interestingly, this is not due to small charities receiving huge amounts of funding from the EU. Only 28% receive funding from the EU and of those that do, 68% responded that it accounted for less than 10% of their funding.

What small charities are the most worried about is that their voices are going to be ignored in the legislation process during the Brexit negotiations. A staggering 91% of respondents feel unconfident that their views will be represented by the Government.

Pauline Broomhead, CEO at the FSI commented “Since the UK voted to leave the EU in June it has left small charity chief executives increasingly worried about the future. Nearly all of charity leaders surveyed feel apprehensive that their voices will not be heard when the Government is redrafting legislation in areas such as the environment, employment, disability and more.

“It is vitally important that Government take the experiences of small charities into account, especially as they are the very organisations who are currently supporting those in society facing the greatest need.

“It’s also vitally important that the voices of small charities are heard across the sector, which is why we will continue to survey small charities every quarter as part of our ‘Brexit Temperature Test’, and publish the final results next June, one year on from the Brexit vote.”

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