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Impact Measurement

FSI Small Charity Members and Associate Members receive 20% discount on our consultancy fees

We have outlined three packages of support below; however, please contact to discuss your specific needs and how we can help

Impact Measurement Review

This will provide you with a strong foundation to understand and demonstrate the difference that you make, and a set of recommendations/action plan for improving impact measurement practices.

We will spend a day onsite with staff and volunteers delivering an interactive training day focusing on identifying outcomes and how to develop a Theory of Change.

We will prepare a report and supporting action plan to improve your impact measurement practices.

Theory of Change Development

A Theory of Change is a diagram that explains how a programme has an impact on its beneficiaries. It outlines all the things that a programme does for its beneficiaries, the ultimate impact that it aims to have on them, and all the separate outcomes that lead or contribute to that impact.

A Theory of Change enables organisations to better understand and communicate the difference they make, both internally and externally.  It is an approach to impact measurement that is well-recognised by commissioners, funders and donors alike.

We will review your current approaches to impact measurement, as well as undertake further research into best practice.  We will spend a day onsite with staff and volunteers delivering an interactive training day focused on outcomes, impact, needs and enabling factors.

We will produce a Theory of Change diagram with a supporting narrative to enable your charity to better understand and measure the difference you make.

Impact Measurement Framework


In addition to producing a Theory of Change we will work with you to develop outcome indicators, review all current monitoring and evaluation tools and processes, and make recommendations for improvement. 


Organisations will have a Theory of Change in place and importantly, be able to measure and evidence the difference they make.  This will help organisations to develop deeper relationships with a range of stakeholders including funders, staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

Case Study: Hyndburn Advice Network: Impact Measurement and Reporting

The FSI undertook an Impact Assessment and produced an Impact Report for the Hyndburn Advice Network in order to help them communicate effectively with various stakeholders and assess the impact of their partnership work.

The challenge: The Hyndburn Advice Network is a network of 6 charities based in Accrington. The network is made up of a range of charities who all undertake advice as part of their remit.  The partnership was formed in order to improve the access to and experience of advice services for the local population.

How we helped:  The FSI ran a facilitated training day with representatives from each of the partner organisations. We gathered information to understand the outcomes achieved by the network both for the partners and for their beneficiaries. We also assessed the audience for the Impact Report.

We gathered qualitative data by running focus groups and analysed this with further quantitative data which had been collected by the Hyndburn Advice Network.  Once all of the data was collected we undertook detailed analysis and then produced an Impact Report which laid out the outcomes both for the organisations and their beneficiaries.

The Results: We produced an Impact Report using qualitative and quantitative data which can be used to develop relationships with stakeholders within the partnership and externally.




"We approached the FSI on the recommendation of another Bureau. We had a tight timescale to work and the FSI accommodated the requirements and deadline. We had the opportunity to discuss our project and the scope of the impact measurement and business skills report with representatives from each of our partners. This helped to clarify why we needed the reports and what work was needed to inform them. All the work was delivered as agree and the report was well presented in easy to read style and they are proving invaluable when preparing funding bids and developing our case for support and continue the work of the partnership"

- Jill Myers - Network Manager

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