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The Institute of Fundraising has published a full report on new findings on the impact on coronavirus on the charity sector.


HMRC have produced a handy guide to help you complete your gift aid donation schedule.


The Institute of Fundraising has produced this handy guide to fundraising through the telephone. ‘A Good Call’ provides information and advice on how the telephone can be used in a range of ways to have great conversations with supporters and aims to give organisations the confidence to make the most of the telephone as a way of connecting with supporters.


What it takes to run excellent Point of Sale Campaigns.  I read this article recently and whilst the numbers are high there are some good lessons to be learned.


Online Fundraising Platforms – choosing the best fit for your charity. This concise yet comprehensive guide produced by Superhighways will take you through all relevant considerations when choosing which third party online fundraising platform to use.


Foundation Giving Trends is an annual research project mapping the enormous contribution made by philanthropically-funded foundations to public benefit.  It aims to provide a tool for increased foundation transparency and an essential up-to-date evidence platform for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. Giving Trends 2017


Insights into Charity Fundraising Report: New research conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Institute of Fundraising shows that women are better at giving to charity than men but there are more insights that will interest you: impact and motivations for donating to name but a few.


We are coming up to a busy time of the year check out Four Donor Communication Mistakes to Avoid.Don’t let the hustle and bustle of year-end planning distract you from the basics of good fundraising, especially strategic donor communications. Here are four of the most common mistakes charities make in their donor communications and how to avoid them


Guidance notes and standard forms of agreements between charities, trading companies and commercial participants.  Guidance from the Fundraising Regulator


A-Z of Fundraising:  Need inspiring, have a look at this A-Z of fundraising produced by our Partner Local Giving

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