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Its the beginning of 2018 and you might just be reviewing the Media Strategy for your small charity.  I came across 5 Ways to Get the Attention of the Media, earlier this week and though it might be of interest to our members.

Just received an e-mail giving me some top tips on how to maximise social media and thought I would share them with you.  Get the Most Out of Social Media

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced the ability for users to add up to 10 photos and videos to a single post. But how can charities take advantage of this feature?   There are a lot of ways to put this functionality to use in a charity’s social media marketing, this infographic explains a few:

What you say is what you get: Getting the message across about being a charity. Definitions matter; certainly in the eyes of the public. The extent to which you are recognised as being a charity (as opposed to another type of organisation), as well as whether you are seen as being in need of money or funding, influence whether or not the public say they are willing to give money. Great blog from nfp

To make the most of social media, organisations need to understand how and why their clients use these different channels. There are several reasons – to stay up to date, to engage, to interact and to be entertained. For this reason organisations need to avoid simply sending out PR messages and find ways to have a conversation with their followers and customers. Toolkit Social Media

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