Data Protection Bill On Monday 7th August, Digital Minister Matt Hancock announced the UK’s plans for a new data protection bill. The Bill will bring into UK law the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and aims to give individuals more control over their personal data. The Bill would give people the right to ask for their data to be erased and would make default opt-out or pre-selected ‘tick boxes’ which give consent for organisations to gather data a thing of the past.

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force 25 May 2018.  The Data Protection Bill gives more detail of the reforms beyond the GDPR.  In a series of blogs By Elizabeth Denham, (Information Commissioner) she busts a series of myth’s that have surfaced over the last few months – interesting reading:

We will bring you more as they come on line

The data sharing code of practice is a statutory code which has been issued after being approved by the Secretary of State and laid before Parliament. The code explains how the Data Protection Act applies to the sharing of personal data.  It provides practical advice to all organisations, whether public, private or third sector, that share personal data and covers systematic data sharing arrangements as well as ad hoc or one off requests to share personal data.  This checklist will help.

A shift towards a greater use of cloud computing is well underway. Innovative products, mobile access to data and affordable pricing structures are often cited as key drivers for an organisation to consider a move to cloud computing. Have a look at the ICO’s guidance on data protection and cloud computing.  Data Protection: ICO Guide to Cloud Computing

Here are the top 5 tips for small and local charities and community groups when it comes to Data Protection.  Hope you find them helpful. Data Protection Top 5 Tips 

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