The Institute of Fundraising has produced this handy guide to fundraising through the telephone. ‘A Good Call’ provides information and advice on how the telephone can be used in a range of ways to have great conversations with supporters and aims to give organisations the confidence to make the most of the telephone as a way of connecting with supporters.

HMRC have produced a handy guide to help you complete your gift aid donation schedule.

What it takes to run excellent Point of Sale Campaigns.  I read this article recently and whilst the numbers are high there are some good lessons to be learned.

Online Fundraising Platforms – choosing the best fit for your charity. This concise yet comprehensive guide produced by Superhighways will take you through all relevant considerations when choosing which third party online fundraising platform to use.

Capital Campaigns:  A few tips from someone undertaking a real challenge in the UK



Research  Including Women Readiness Checklist proves that  that women are a powerful source of philanthropy. Yet how can you find female donors who can make a big difference to your cause?  Traditional means of identifying potential big donors don’t always work for women, for instance, though women often give more generously over all, they make smaller gifts to more organizations; as a result, they may not turn up as major donors in a typical search.

Foundation Giving Trends is an annual research project mapping the enormous contribution made by philanthropically-funded foundations to public benefit.  It aims to provide a tool for increased foundation transparency and an essential up-to-date evidence platform for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. Giving Trends 2017

Insights into Charity Fundraising Report: New research conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Institute of Fundraising shows that women are better at giving to charity than men but there are more insights that will interest you: impact and motivations for donating to name but a few.

We are coming up to a busy time of the year check out Four Donor Communication Mistakes to Avoid  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of year-end planning distract you from the basics of good fundraising, especially strategic donor communications. Here are four of the most common mistakes charities make in their donor communications and how to avoid them

Shorter email subject lines seem to be more appealing and prompt greater open rates, according to new analysis.  The analysis, which comes after another research study found that charity emails were less likely to be opened than others, and that subject lines under 21 characters generated a 31% higher-than-average open rate, yet they account for less than 5% of all email subject lines, according to new data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing .

6 Tips to Help Supporters Raise Money From Friends Here are some great tips coming from The Chronical of Philanthropy and really worth a read if you are a Community Fundraiser working on local community events.

How One Charity Created a Successful Corporate Mentoring Programme This experience is from an American not-for-profit but some of the learning might help you if you see an opportunity for mentoring from one of your for-profit partners.

Fundraising Materials Reflecting the Values of the Charity  Just because you serve the community through your programs, that’s not enough anymore, to create a diverse pipeline of trustees, donors, and charity executives. You have to show that you’re an inclusive organization, or taking steps to be inclusive.

Guidance notes and standard forms of agreements between charities, trading companies and commercial participants.  Guidance from the Fundraising Regulator

In this inspiring talk at the NextGen: Charity conference, Sasha Dichter of the Acumen Fund shares the results of his month-long “Generosity Experiment” where he said “yes” to every request for help.

Barriers to Relationship Fundraising The barriers to relationship fundraising have been identified in this report as: Cultural issues, Knowledge – theories, evidence and measurement, Professional issues, Philosophical issues and Underlying issues

How to Ensure Your Fundraising Materials Appeal to a Broad Cross   Most charities could do a better job of broadening their base of support and appealing to donors of diverse backgrounds. As you develop fundraising strategies targeting groups that vary by race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or ability, you’ll need to ensure your messages and images are welcoming.

The last five ideas or activities that you might want to read about and if you like try – they may work for you or just open up your mind to new possibilities. The last five in the fifteen series of ideas from across the pond

GDPR is coming and great news that Institute of Fundraising have produced a Guide to help charities understand the impacts. GDPR Essentials

Here are the next five ideas or activities that might either work for your charity or inspire you to make a change or think about things differently.  Five more Fundraising Ideas Activities that Worked from Across the Pond

Some interesting ideas here they might work for you or might inspire you to think about things differently. Five solutions to support fundraising that worked from across the pond: Cultivating Donors; When the Ticket Price is Right; Fundraising Meets Virtual Reality; How a Match for Planned Gifts Work Out and Win Big with Smaller Fundraising Portfolios.

The-Seven-Sentiments-of-Cynical-Donors—February-2017 This report explores a range of issues impacting on donor views of charities in the context of the events of 2016 – particularly the Brexit vote and the surrounding issues it brought into the public arena.

Saying Thank You is incredibly important, we have come across Thanks for Everything that gives some great examples. These findings are from a collection of case studies of ways charities recognise donors and through desk research, asking people in our sector to contact us with their stories via twitter. It was found that there is great diversity in the ways charities acknowledge donors and this diversity is brought together under an umbrella of four themes:

Thirteen Tips for Running a Successful Online AppealLocal Giving Website Guides: The first rule of crowdfunding is that you need to attract a group of people who can each contribute a small amount.  the more people on your team the easier this will be

A Guide to Monthly GivingLocal Giving Website Guides:   Small donations over a long period can have a substantial impact on your ability to deliver your services.  Start small, target those who already donate and treat thee supporters like investors.

This How to Guide written by Bill Bruty will take you through the process of how to be successful in securing funding from Trusts.  It has been written with Bond International and so focuses on the International Development Sector but the process is applicable if you are a UK charity applying for funds in the UK so worth a read.

A-Z of FundraisingLocal Giving Website Guides:  Need inspiring, have a look at this A-Z of fundraising produced by our Partner Local Giving

10 Top Tips for Fundraising Online:Local Giving Website Guides  Produced by Local Giving to support Small Charity Week take a look at how to maximise your online fundraising.

Treating Donors FairlyLogo F Guide Treating Donors Fairly: Fundraising should be a positive experience for all, whether an individual is an existing donor or potential new supporter. Through engaging the public in the work of charities, fundraising gives people the opportunity to support the issues they care about, connecting them with the cause.

Five things to considerLogo Chronical that may help you to establish your Major Donor Programme

Usinlogo guardiang Facebook to Fundraise: With 1.35 billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and offers big opportunities for charities to reach more people and raise income.

Logo ChronicalBuilding a Not-for-Profit Online Community of the Future: Imagine a world where philanthropic money, goods, and services flow quickly and directly from donors to recipients, where charities connect donors to people in need more directly than they do now.

Here are 9 great ways to kick off your Mobile Fundraising: Over £122 million was raised for UK Charities last year in mobile donations.  With over 93% of adults owning a mobile device in the UK, this is a fundraising and engagement stream your charity can’t afford to ignore.

Logo F Guide Treating Donors FairlyGuide: On 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in the UK. This will replace the current Data Protection Act and introduce new and different requirements for all sectors and organisations. Charities, alongside any private sector organisations, businesses, or public bodies, will have to follow these legal requirements when processing individuals’ personal data. So, what’s going to be different about the new rules that are coming in?logo Bircham Dyson What are the key changes you need to be aware of? How will it impact on how and when you can contact your supporters? Should you go ‘opt in’ or can you rely on ‘opt out’ mechanisms? And what are the practical things that you can be doing right now to get ready

Women & Givinglogo fidelity:  While women play a central role in their family’s giving decisions, there are big differences between how baby-boomer women and millennial women give and think about their philanthropy, the study found. Boomer women are much more confident and strategic in their giving than millennial women, who more frequently reported making giving decisions based on their emotions, according to the study.  This survey polled 3,200 donors about how they view and carry out giving.

Reach New Heights With Fundraising  Ecclesiastical Insurance has produced a guide to help small charities with Fundraising: Changing times and top tips – How has fundraising changed? What are the biggest challenges? How can charities embrace the world of digital fundraising?