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We have outlined two packages of support below; however, please contact to discuss your specific needs and how we can help

Fundraising Review

We will undertake a review of the organisation’s current fundraising performance and perform further research and analysis to understand the environment your charity is working in. 


This will be supported by time spent onsite with relevant staff and Trustees to deliver an interactive training and facilitation session to identify organisational strengths, potential areas of support, budgets and capacity to undertake fund development activities.  Within the session we will also include a Treasure Mapping exercise to identify existing and potential sources of support, connections and influencers.

Using our extensive experience, research and the results from the away day we will prepare a fundraising review which assesses potential fundraising audiences and key methodologies over the next 3-5 years.

Fundraising Strategy

We can develop a Fundraising Strategy and supporting annual fundraising plan which will include the activities included in our Fundraising Review package, plus additional time spent onsite and additional research and analysis.  


Based on our findings we will formulate income generation objectives (including financial targets) for 3 years, produce a detailed 12 month work plan, and identify resource requirements in order to deliver the strategy.

Other training


Get in touch to talk to us about other ways we can support your organisation’s income generation for example through:

  1. Feasibility assessment of a fundraising campaign or appeal

  2. Feasibility assessment of new income streams

  3. Capital Campaign Strategy Development

  4. Market research to test and refine new earned income products or services

  5. In-house fundraising training

  6. Fundraising or Engagement Event Management

  7. Case for Support Development

Case Study – Plymouth Guild: Fundraising Strategy

The FSI was commissioned by Plymouth Guild to develop a sustainable fundraising strategy and identify the resources needed to achieve this.

The Challenge: Plymouth Guild receives the majority of its funding from the local council but with pressures on these funds, a new funding strategy was required in order to diversify the income to include voluntary or fundraised income as well as earned income.

How we helped: We facilitated an interactive day with members of the board and senior management team in order to understand the potential opportunities for Plymouth Guild. This included identifying organisational strengths, potential areas of support, and capacity to undertake fund development activities. The session also included a treasure mapping exercise.

The results of the facilitated day were paired with our best practice knowledge and full

We developed a fundraising strategy which included an annual plan and recommendations for how to achieve this.

The results: We delivered a robust fundraising strategy for Plymouth Guild which included the different fundraising streams which could be accessed and the resources needed to achieve success. It also included a detailed annual work plan.




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