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FUNDRAISING & Diversifying Income

FSI Small Charity Members and Associate Members receive 20% discount on our consultancy fees

We have outlined several packages of support, however please contact to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.  For example through a feasibility assessment of a fundraising campaign or appeal, case for support development, in-house fundraising training or mentoring, or assessing the potential of a new income stream. 

NEW: Adapting Your Fundraising Post-Covid

“[Our consultant]’s advice has been massively useful and practical. We have used real funding applications that we were in the process of doing. It has not been a theoretical exercise. She has given us the extra insights we needed and a lot of confidence by underscoring what we are doing well.”


What our client says

Need hands-on, bespoke support to adapt your fundraising plans in 2021 and beyond?  Talk to our team about our quick-response COVID package.  You decide where our help would be most useful, for example: 

  • Mentoring support to review your learning through the pandemic, identify new opportunities and adapt targets 

  • Support launching a fundraising appeal and creating materials 

  • Researching grant funders and reviewing funding applications 

  • Auditing your website and social media, and training you in digital fundraising. 


£1,040 + VAT

(includes FSI member discount) 

Fundraising Strategy

“A strong business case was created for investment in income diversification activity. Key members of Board and whole of SMT were engaged in the process and 'bought in' both to rationale and outcomes. [This was] a move into 'fundraising' activity for the first time: This piece of work has given the Board and SMT collectively the rationale and confidence to make a significant change in our development journey. I hope we will look back in a couple of years' time and see this as a 'tipping point' moment of real importance.” 


What our client says

Recent analysis has shown that organisations with a written fundraising plan tend to outperform organisations without one, and those with a plan were more confident about their situation post-Covid.  We can work with you to develop a 3-5 year Fundraising Strategy and supporting annual fundraising plan – helping you prioritise your efforts, provide accountability and help foster team spirit and achievement.   


We’ll start with our Fundraising Review and build on this in a further workshop session to develop fundraising objectives and targets, tactics and a detailed 12 month work plan.  Within the strategy we will identify any resource and skills gaps needed with recommendations of how to address these in order to deliver the strategy. 


We’ll also provide three follow up advice sessions in the 6 months following the strategy, to help you address any challenges you have faced in implementation.  You can use this flexibly to meet your needs, for example to review a funding bid, to review progress and discuss any changes to the strategy, or to develop your knowledge around a specific income stream. 


From £3640 + VAT

(includes FSI Member Discount)

Fundraising Review 


“This work helped me to integrate our emergency fundraising appeals in 2020 with our plans for the next 2 years.  It helped me broaden my perspective and plan calmly in a stressful year!” 


What our client says

Many small charities want to review their current fundraising mix and identify ways that they can diversify their income.  We can help by assessing your current fundraising performance and conducting research and analysis to understand the environment your charity is working in.  


This will be supported by an interactive workshop session to identify strengths and opportunities, as well as network mapping to identify existing and potential sources of support, connections and influencers.   


Using our extensive experience, research and the results from the workshop, we will recommend potential fundraising audiences and methods over the short, medium and long term. 



From £2,080 + VAT

(includes FSI Member Discount) 

Fundraising Review plus Implementation Support

What our client says

Addressing the twin challenges we see small charities face: lack of space to reflect and research to inform fundraising strategies, and lack of capacity to implement strategies once developed.  In partnership with Nova Fundraising, we will complete a Fundraising Review and provide 6 months mentoring support (1 day per month), helping you develop and implement your fundraising plan.  You choose where this support is used, e.g. reviewing funding applications, developing specific communications, preparing for a funder meeting.  


From £4,780 + VAT

(includes FSI Member Discount) 

Case Study – Plymouth Guild: Fundraising Strategy

The FSI was commissioned by Plymouth Guild to develop a sustainable fundraising strategy and identify the resources needed to achieve this.

The Challenge: Plymouth Guild receives the majority of its funding from the local council but with pressures on these funds, a new funding strategy was required in order to diversify the income to include voluntary or fundraised income as well as earned income.

How we helped: We facilitated an interactive day with members of the board and senior management team in order to understand the potential opportunities for Plymouth Guild. This included identifying organisational strengths, potential areas of support, and capacity to undertake fund development activities. The session also included a treasure mapping exercise.

The results of the facilitated day were paired with our best practice knowledge and full

We developed a fundraising strategy which included an annual plan and recommendations for how to achieve this.

The results: We delivered a robust fundraising strategy for Plymouth Guild which included the different fundraising streams which could be accessed and the resources needed to achieve success. It also included a detailed annual work plan.




"We have been very impressed with the FSI from start to finish. They gave us a quick response when we were awarded Big Assist vouchers and quickly identify what we needed in developing our Fundraising Strategy. Telephone discussions, actually reading the comprehensive set of documents we sent them meant they were able to hit the ground running when they came to us to start the work on the ground. We have found them to be acknowledgable, skilled and flexible. We will continue to work with them in implementing our comprehensive, bespoke fundraising strategy and to avail ourselves of their free training that supports our implementation"

- George Plenderfeith - CEO

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