Corporate Partner: PolicyBee

PolicyBee have recently launched their Charity & Community Help Hub. This provides online information and resources to help you run your charity or not-for-profit. Need some advice and not sure where to go? Visit their Charity & Community Help Hub today.

PolicyBee is an independent insurance broker. They help your charity get the cover it needs quickly and easily.
Their MyCharityGuard insurance package is designed specifically for small charities.

It includes:
• Public liability and events insurance
• Trustees’ liability insurance
• Professional indemnity insurance
• Crisis containment cover

All this starts from just £82.50 a year, with insurance for volunteers and your charity’s equipment easily added.

Dealing with PolicyBee is easy:
• Buy online in minutes – no forms, no fuss
• Interest-free monthly payments – no hidden charges
• Friendly experts in-house – no call centre
• Instant documents – no hanging around

It’s charity insurance the easy way.
For a quote, visit or call a jargon-busting adviser on 0345 222 5381