What non-finance person needs to know about charity and annual reporting

What non-finance person needs to know about charity and annual reporting

Charity and annual reporting is an important task to ensure organisations remain compliant with guidelines and legislation. The submitted documents are often used by funders and supporters and so it is important we get them right.
This session will help de-mystify what types of return your charity needs to make each year and why.

The workshop will cover:
• Financial accounting requirements, drafting a trustee report and submitting an annual return
• How to scope out what needs to be done, who is best placed to do it and help you plan ahead to meet filing deadlines
• What to do if you have missed a deadline, have made a mistake or your accounts have been qualified in some way

Michele Price and Andy Price, PWW

Michele and Andy are experienced charities solicitors at Pothecary Witham Weld, a niche charity practice based in Pimlico. They both have backgrounds working in house for national charities and hands on experience of working for smaller charities as trustees or volunteers, so they understand the reality of running a charity and the financial challenges faced in the current economic climate. While Andy specialises on the governance and policy side, Michele manages serious incidents, including insolvency or financial mismanagement. They bring their skills together to help charities through formation, change, merger and growth and work across all charitable and not for profit sectors.

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