Now what for the charity sector? Brexit and what it means for you

Now what for the charity sector? Brexit and what it means for you


There is no escaping Brexit, what remains unclear is the implications it will have for the charity sector.

While there is still significant uncertainty about what the impact of Brexit will be in the short and long term, we do know that it will have implications for all organisations and the economic and regulatory environment in which we operate.

Voluntary sector organisations must remain financially robust in order to maintain the ability to cope with the needs of beneficiaries and support our communities

Join this session to discuss the main Brexit considerations for small charities including:
• Economic impact
• EU funding
• Practical steps you can take to support your organisation to weather the Brexit storm
• Finding the opportunities ahead


Ben Westerman 


Ben is the senior adviser to NCVO on the impacts of Brexit on civil society. He works with and advises organisations and policy makers across sectors on the impact of Brexit and what they can do to prepare. He has previously held roles for major political parties in the UK and Germany, on the Remain campaign in 2016, and has also worked in Parliament and for a major think tank. Ben is also a Research Fellow with the Constitution Society specialising in internal party politics and public policy, with his work appearing in a number of major policy and media publications.  


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