PolicyBee is an independent insurance broker. They help your charity get the cover it needs quickly and easily. Their MyCharityGuard insurance package is designed specifically for small charities.

It includes:

• Public liability and events insurance

• Trustees’ liability insurance

• Professional indemnity insurance

• Crisis containment cover

All this starts from just £82.50 a year, with insurance for volunteers and your charity’s equipment easily added.

Dealing with PolicyBee is easy: • Buy online in minutes – no forms, no fuss • Interest-free monthly payments – no hidden charges • Friendly experts in-house – no call centre • Instant documents – no hanging around

It’s charity insurance the easy way. For a quote, visit or call a jargon-busting adviser on 0345 222 5381

PolicyBee have recently launched their Charity & Community Help Hub. This provides online information and resources to help you run your charity or not-for-profit.


Need some advice and not sure where to go? Visit their Charity & Community Help Hub today.

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