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Liberty Accounts

Liberty Accounts is a cloud bookkeeping and payroll software supplier. We are committed to the not-for-profit sector with a simple objective – to make your life easier by providing powerful tools that deal with sector specific needs at an affordable price.
Not-for-profit organisations face the same regulatory pressures as commercial enterprises with regards to payroll, pensions, expenses, and VAT. They also have complex sector specific reporting requirements that are intended to demonstrate good stewardship of community resources to supporters and regulators alike.

Liberty Accounts has integrated tools that help you manage these UK core compliance issues. Thousands of businesses and not-for-profit organisations have depended on them since Liberty Accounts launched in 2003.

Our commitment to the sector led to the introduction of powerful fund and activity analysis along with SORP compliant SoFA reporting at the touch of a button. An integrated donor ledger and Gift Aid module allows for the management of donors and donations.
Based on feedback from our existing not-for-profit users we are currently working on additional modules and features that are desirable in the sector to further simplify your processes – so watch this space!

If you are responsible for the finances of a UK not-for-profit organisation call us – we would love to help you.

Find out more about our charity accounting software or contact Neil Chadwick on 0800 170 1150 or email


“A powerful yet simple system. I love that it’s internet based. Thanks”
Jonathan Harris – Destiny Church

"I’ve been using Liberty Accounts exclusively now for almost a decade now. It has a raft of efficient, labour-saving features … in particular the fund and activity analysis is a powerful aid to SORP 2015 reporting …”
Paul Voltzenlogel – Kirsam

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