Emerging Executives

Business Leaders of Tomorrow Helping Communities Today

Emerging Executives represents an opportunity to develop the leadership and strategic management skills of current and future leaders whilst making a valuable contribution to a wide variety of worthwhile social causes.

If you are interested in this programme please download our brochure or get in touch with the business development team on either development@thefsi.org or 020 7324 4777.

You can find out more about the programme’s pricing structure here.

The Programme

Participants will be placed in non-executive governance positions on the trustee boards of small charities. Participants will receive training and ongoing support in this role. The programme will develop crucial strategic, analytical and leadership skills that will benefit your work and generate value for your organisation.

An employer’s perspective

An employee’s perspective

Being a Trustee. A life changing experience.

“Being on a charitable board provides a new perspective on life. Having spent 15 years in big companies, the charitable sector provides a new rich source of knowledge, skills and people to interact with. There are strong parallels between solving work problems and working in the charitable sector. I would strongly recommend that anyone in the corporate world gets some parallel experience in the third sector to understand real life. If you can do this as part of your structured development programme even better!” 
Graham Precey Head of CSR, Legal & General Group plc


An Emerging Executive

“I’m extremely proud to work for a company like Fujitsu that places being a responsible business at its core. The partnership with the FSI and local charities has simply been fantastic and I think the experience has proved invaluable for all.
Steve Bloomer, Emerging Executive Graduate, Head of Cost Accounting Fujitsu Centre of Excellent and Financial Services

A Head of Talent

“What it does is give our people who are on a trajectory to get to board level the opportunity to really get experience sitting around a board table and making some critical decisions which are really going to affect people’s lives. [Emerging Executives] has been invaluable for things like motivation, relationship building, creativity, building confidence in individuals and we’ve seen success with these people, we’ve seen them go on to do bigger, more important jobs. We are finding that they are really developing as leaders as a result…People cite it as one of the key development points in their career”
Rachel Rose, Head of Talent Leadership and Employee Engagement, Fujitsu

A Small Charity

“FSI presented the opportunity to match RBMind with Russell from their Emerging Executives programme just at the time our board was going through major upheaval and the charity was, and still is, facing huge challenges. He has proved invaluable, bringing current and senior commercial and risk management expertise that we would struggle to find and couldn’t afford. He has become an essential part of the board and is clearly committed to the work we do. I would really encourage others to participate in the programme.”
Val Farmer, Chief Executive, Richmond Borough Mind