Future Proofing Your Fundraising – Maximising Millennials

Morgan Kainth: Future Proofing Your Fundraising – Maximising Millenials

After receiving overwhelming feedback from the London Fundraising conference, we are pleased to announce that Morgan has agreed to again share her expertise on fundraising with millennials at this year’s Northern Fundraising Conference.

Millennials are increasingly being seen as a source of new donors in the fundraising world. Research from Deloitte has highlighted 63% of millennials donate to charity and 43% actively volunteer. However, they are embracing new technology-based forms of giving to help make a difference to charities they engage with.

For charities to engage with this potentially new audience they have to think outside of the traditional approach. Hear from Morgan on how she maximised the power of millennials to donate over £500,000 to impactful small charities.

About Morgan Kainth

Morgan has worked in the philanthropy sector for over 5 years. She has led on growth strategy and operations for two highly innovative organisations, and led on the development of a platform which seeks to engage millennial donors with exceptional small charities through alleviating the perceived “pain points” of charity. Passionate about small charities and innovation, she is currently consulting on engagement strategies for small charities and two tech platforms that (she hopes) will democratise corporate giving and provide donors with the ability to make impact led decisions on how and where they give.

Through her work she has been able to work with Millennials to UHNWIs, regular donors to those seeking to make substantial endowments, cash and asset donors, and those looking to benefit organisations both in the UK and overseas.

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