Developing Corporate Relationships: Stop just giving and start believing

Andy Barber: Developing Corporate Relationships: Stop just giving and start believing

Andy Barber has led on generating over £10m in the last 14 years for a variety of charities across East Yorkshire and beyond. Starting his career as a pub landlord, Andy has always been a true believer in the power of relationships and personal connections. This belief was reinforced when he set up the HEY Smile Foundation, spending the initial months talking to Yorkshire businesses and charities about what they want and can offer.

During this period, it became clear that small charities can in fact use their smallness as an advantage in engaging businesses, and that your personal passion can give you the edge in creating a base of supporters who are believers, not just givers.

He has since set up the highly successful Smile365 initiative, giving businesses of all sizes the chance to help shape the future of their local community in a meaningful way.

In this talk, he’ll show you how to believe in yourself as a small charity in a highly competitive market; how to identify and market your Unique Selling Points; and how to avoid the corporate fundraising mistakes he’s seen over the years.


About Andy Barber
Andy leads a dynamic team of professionals to bring good intentions to life. The CEO of the HEY Smile Foundation an East Yorkshire based charity. He has led on generating over £10m in the last 14 years with limited resources, and is a true believer in relationship fundraising. In the last 4 years, Andy has also utilised his skills to support the development of a number of NHS charities, taking them from pots of funding to a charities building trust through transparency to enable our NHS to provide enhancements to patient care. 

Andy and his team at Smile continue to be motivators for many positive changes in a wide range of private, public and voluntary sector organisations. Delivering positive impact for communities.