The roles and responsibilities of Trustees

Michele Price: The roles and responsibilities of Trustees

Join Michele for a session on the roles and responsibilities of Trustees, useful for both Trustees and the staff members who work with them.

  • The history of trusteeship and why the concepts of loyalty and being a fiduciary are still relevant. 
  • The role of charity trustees, with a focus on acting as a board and how to manage delegation and risk. 
  • Specific responsibilities: property, finance and accounting; investments; fundraising; safeguarding and serious incidents. 
  • What does it mean to have ultimate responsibility of a charity and how to know if you are doing enough to discharge your responsibilities?   
  • Help! What to do when things go wrong.

About Michele Price, Pothecary Witham Weld Solicitors
Michele is a solicitor in the Church and Charities team, specialising in charity structures, governance, compliance, fundraising and philanthropy. Michele also works with the Private Client team, especially on wills and probates where there is a charity connection. Michele has extensive experience in the challenges facing charities and their trustees, having worked in house at a national military charity and a church charity. Michele is a trustee of The Choral Foundation, HM Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace.



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