The Essential Trustee – how it can help your charity be more effective

Neal Green and Tony Pino: The Essential Trustee – how it can help your charity be more effective

Knowing what your charity law responsibilities are is essential information. But do you really know why they are important? Whether things go right or wrong in a charity is not usually just chance or luck. It is much more about how you use the rules and regulations to guide and inform behaviour and decision making.  

Using the Essential Trustee as a guide, Tony and Neal will explain the what, why and (in general terms) how of trustees’ duties and charity governance, giving examples of what often goes wrong and how you can stop small problems from becoming big ones.

Join this session if you are a current or aspiring Trustee, or a staff member working closely with them and want to make your board relationship most effective.

About Neal Green, Charity Commission
Neal Green is Strategy and Insight Manager at the Charity Commission. His role involves using research and analysis to inform policy development and strategic planning. He has overseen research into public trust and confidence in charities and the Commission, and contributed to Taken on Trust: research into awareness and effectiveness of charity trustees. He is also developing the Commission’s approach to informing, enabling and influencing charities to be effective in delivery of their mission, stewardship of resources and accountability. 

Neal has written guidance on a range of topics, with an emphasis on good charity governance. These include The Essential Trustee, the Commission’s guide to trustees’ responsibilities. He has also produced guidance on decision making for trustees. He represents the Commission on the Governance Code Steering Group.

About Tony Pino
Tony worked for over thirty years at the Charity Commission for England and Wales in numerous roles, including as Head of Registration, Head of Charity Standards, and Manager of the Review Visits Team. During this time he developed significant experience in the area of charity governance, and worked with well-known national charities to create a benchmark for governance assurance systems. He has collaborated with a range of sector support bodies, such as the FSI, to improve compliance and governance good practice. He has delivered numerous participative training workshops tailored to specific audiences and subject matters.  

Since retiring from the Charity Commission, Tony has continued to help charities with their governance questions and problems, including as an advisor at the FSI’s annual Big Advice Day at London City Hall.

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