Storytelling and communicating your impact on a limited budget

Sophie Yates Lu & Syriah Bailey: Storytelling and communicating your impact on a limited budget

Join Sophie Yates Lu and Bailey from Campaign Bootcamp, in this session for tips on how you can tell your story on a limited budget. They will share their top tips on how you can communicate your impact to external stakeholders, even on a limited budget. This session will include:

  • An introduction to storytelling in campaigning, why it matters, why it works
  • Things to consider when telling a story which is not your own
  • Some examples of powerful stories which created change and why they worked
  • Doing inclusive communications/messaging which reach diverse audiences

About Sophie Yates Lu, Campaign Bootcamp
Sophie Yates Lu is the Senior Programme Manager at Campaign Bootcamp, a national campaigning training organisation. Campaign Bootcamp’s mission is to equip those most impacted by injustice with the skills, community and confidence to run effective campaigns. Sophie is also a Survivor Ambassador and Youth Advisory Panel member for Women’s Aid, a Campaign Coach with the Advocacy Academy, and a BAME Stonewall Role Model. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, survivor-led activism, and making campaigning and social impact initiatives accessible for marginalised communities.

About Syriah Bailey, Campaign Bootcamp

Syriah Bailey is a Multimedia Producer, Arts Assessor and Creative Programmer who has worked with marginalised communities in cities such as Seattle, Toronto and London. At the root of their work lies campaigning and activism for social equity through three themes: programming and evaluation, art activism and mentorship, education and inclusion. Prior to Campaign Bootcamp, they worked with the Arts Council England, Roundhouse, Girls Rock and Three Dollar Bill Cinema.

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