Storytelling and communicating your impact on a limited budget

Sophie Yates Lu: Storytelling and communicating your impact on a limited budget

Join Sophie Yates Lu, from Campaign Bootcamp, in this session for tips on how you can tell your story on a limited budget. Sophie will share her top tips on how you can communicate your impact to external stakeholders, even on a limited budget. This session will include:

  • An introduction to storytelling in campaigning, why it matters, why it works
  • Things to consider when telling a story which is not your own
  • Some examples of powerful stories which created change and why they worked
  • Doing inclusive communications/messaging which reach diverse audiences

About Sophie Yates Lu, Campaign Bootcamp
Sophie Yates Lu is the Senior Programme Manager at Campaign Bootcamp, a national campaigning training organisation. Campaign Bootcamp’s mission is to equip those most impacted by injustice with the skills, community and confidence to run effective campaigns. Sophie is also a Survivor Ambassador and Youth Advisory Panel member for Women’s Aid, a Campaign Coach with the Advocacy Academy, and a BAME Stonewall Role Model. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, survivor-led activism, and making campaigning and social impact initiatives accessible for marginalised communities.


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