Small charities and policy: the road ahead with NCVO

Elizabeth Chamberlain: Small charities and policy: the road ahead with NCVO

Join Elizabeth Chamberlain, Head of Policy at NCVO, as she looks at the ‘Road Ahead’ for small charities, drawing on NCVO’s recent Road Ahead publication. This session will set out the challenges and opportunities for small charities in 2019, as well as exploring the  current political climate for the sector.

About Elizabeth Chamberlain, NCVO
Elizabeth leads NCVO’s work on policy and public services. She first joined NCVO’s policy team in 2008 as an expert on charity law and regulation, and continues to have a particular interest in regulatory issues affecting charities. Her policy interests also include charity campaigning, the sector’s independence, transparency and accountability, and more broadly issues of public trust and confidence in charities.

Over the years Elizabeth has acted as secretariat for a number of specialist policy projects, including the review of fundraising regulation, and NCVO’s independent review of the Charities Act.

Before joining NCVO, Elizabeth lived in Brussels where she worked for the vice president of the European Commission in the cabinet for Justice, Liberty and Security.

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