Risk in Small Charities – ensuring charity robustness

Neil Franklin: Risk in Small Charities – ensuring charity robustness

The Charity Commission places great emphasis on good governance and the avoidance of unnecessary negative risk. You can’t underestimate the impact of effective management on a charity’s ability to survive. However, many small charities don’t possess the necessary knowledge or training required to fully understand the risks their activities expose them to or how best to manage them. For trustees, directors and managers – our interactive masterclass will help you explore the risks that are pertinent to your own organisation and show you how to manage or mitigate them for the protection of your charity, your staff and your beneficiaries. The masterclass will cover such topics as:

  • What are the roles & responsibilities of trustees in managing risk?
  • Attitude to risk
  • Appropriate internal systems and controls
  • Getting collaborations/joint ventures right
  • Working with employees and volunteers – things to consider
  • Preparing in advance to survive a catastrophe – reputation and continuity
  • Protecting your trustees and officers as they carry out their duties
  • The importance of fit for purpose and confidence-inspiring cover
  • One vital check you need to make in relation to historical claims
  • Cyber risks, volunteer travel, entity defence …and much more.

About Neil Franklin, UK Charity Insurance 
Neil started his career in insurance 39 years ago and has worked as both insurer and broker during that period. Neil attained ACII qualification in 1992 – a professional qualification acknowledging an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills. Joining the community of proven insurance professionals, ACII is evidence of purpose, commitment and ability. All of Neil’s experience has been gained in non-investment insurance and the bulk of his client work is conducted with VCOs of all sizes. In his role as a sector expert he has contributed to the thematic project work of the insurance industry regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. Neil’s particular interest lies in the technical side of insurance, applying his specialist knowledge to complex risk scenarios but he also has a desire to share his expertise with small charities who perhaps have limited access to such resources.

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