Protecting your charity from fraud

Dave Carter: Protecting your charity from fraud

This session will focus on how you can protect your charity from fraud. The workshop will cover: 

  • What is fraud 
  • Why is it important 
  • How to spot it 
  • How to stop it 
  • How to respond to fraud when it inevitably occurs

About Dave Carter

Dave has been Head of Counter Fraud for a number of major international charities, where he was brought in to new roles to design, build and then run their global counter fraud functions.

In both organisations Dave had global responsibility for fraud & crime management, including awareness raising, reporting & detecting, responding and prevention – plus leading on investigations. He devised and implemented the key strategies which allowed for this risk to be management in hostile environments, and on occasions during the worst humanitarian disasters that have occurred in modern times. Travelling extensively, Dave built a global team to support the operational function, to provide reassurance to trustees, and to ensure compliance with legal & regulatory responsibilities.

The majority of Dave’s career was spent within the City of London Police, where he served for 14 years, rising to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. Most of this time was spent as a detective investigating serious and major crime, including homicide, until he moved into the Economic Crime Directorate of what is the national lead force for fraud. Whilst there he specialised in international fraud, especially those involving organised crime groups targeting UK banks, whilst head of the specialist unit, the Dedicated Cheque & Plastic Crime Unit.

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