We are currently looking for new volunteer advisors to join the Advice Hub. Most of the demand for advice is being met by our current volunteer advisors, but we are recruiting for experts on the following topics: CRM systems, IT, digital fundraising and social media.

If you are interested in this opportunity please fill out the advisor register of interest form.



To request advice through the FSI’s Charity Advice Hub, please click the button on the right to submit your query through our request form. We will then be in touch as soon as we can to arrange a call with one of our volunteer experts.

Topics that we can help with

Business Planning & Strategy

Community events

and fundraising

Trusts and foundations fundraising

Fundraising Strategy


Marketing & Communications


Demonstrating Impact


Managing volunteers

Legacy Fundraising

Accounting & Finance

If you are looking for advice on starting a new charity or registering with the Charity Commission, we would direct you to check out the Small Charities Coalition advice service here.


Please note that although we accept generalist VAT questions, we are unable to assist with high-level or complex queries on this subject. We would instead recommend the HMRC telephone helpline for charity VAT queries.

Government information on VAT for charities can be found here.

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