Security and safety whilst working from your home network

_ Premier Charity Solutions _ The events of the last few weeks have forced most organisations to make the move to remote/home working for their users. This change has highlighted how vital security and safety whilst working from your home network is to keeping your and your company’s data protected! Our remote working guide covers how to optimise your home working set-up, how to stay safe on social media, and how to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam; WHY SHAREPOINT IS THE ULTIMATE REMOTE WORKING SOLUTION? Having remote access to your office desktop pc and server is very useful until you experience trouble with connectivity, when the line goes down or the power goes off in your offic

Lessons learned from Zoom

We’ve now delivered several days of consultancy and training entirely remotely and we’ve learned a lot through trial and error during these weeks! We thought we’d share with you a few of our top tips for running training, meetings and events remotely. You might also want to check out our Commercial Director Janine’s blog on virtual trustee meetings here. Make sure you’ve got the right people there. Does every single person need to be there? Now is a great chance to strip back your meetings and not automatically put them in everyone’s diaries. Share an agenda in advance as you normally would, so people know what to expect, when breaks will be, and how best to prepare. Prepare documents in adv

Applications for the Aviva Community Fund are now open, with important changes to criteria in respon

In January, we announced a number of changes to our refreshed Aviva Community Fund. The programme now offers quarterly funding and year-round support to causes that are having a positive impact all across the UK. Another big change is our partnership with Crowdfunder, which equips small charities with the online crowdfunding skills they need to thrive and survive in times like these. And, as we prepare to welcome new causes to enter projects into their second quarter of the programme, the Covid-19 outbreak presents some unique challenges. Now, more than ever, small charities like yours need support. We are passionate about enabling such causes to access the funding needed, and support the



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