Transitioning the FSI team from an office to working from home

As the new of Covid-19 hit the UK, I must admit I was thankful that we took the decision more than three years ago to move to a more cloud-based operational model. This included moving our shared digital files to SharePoint (thanks to Microsoft and its free access to charities) and to utilise cloud-based programmes such as our project management tool (we use Asana) and CRM (we use HubSpot). In the perfect world I’d say pilot it, approach in phases; but in today’s reality, it is more like….just do it.  I hope our experience offers learning for others in the same boat! Photo by tribesh kayastha on Unsplash Just have a go You can spend a lot of time thinking and planning what you can do, how it

Making Virtual Meetings Work for Charity Trustees

With the emerging challenges of coronavirus and working remotely, many trustee boards are considering virtual meetings as an alternative to face-to-face. The Charity Commission has guidance on remote meetings in their publication CC48: Charities and meetings and has recently issued new guidance specifically in relation to cornonavirus. Unless your governing document expressly excludes it, you most likely can meet virtually in order to meet your charity’s needs. However, you do need to be able to both see and hear one another so video-conferencing (rather than telephone) is essential. In our experience, hosting and chairing meetings in a virtual format is challenging; you do not have the s

Your Charity’s Strategy: Reflecting and Refreshing

Continuing our popular breakfast and networking In Conversation Series, we were joined at our recent event by colleagues representing the full spectrum of the UK’s charities. Many are facing all too familiar and similar challenges of how they will be able to devote the time and resources needed to develop a strategy for their future. We heard from Diana Crowe, Head of Services at MS-UK who gave us some insight into MS-UK’s real-life experience of going through a strategic review process and developing their next 3-year strategy. Diana reflected on the challenges of getting real buy in from their board, and key stakeholders, which includes senior managers, staff, their members and volunteers.



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