#TrusteesWeek 2018 – is your Chair effective?

This week (12th – 16th November) is #TrusteesWeek, an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference. As part of the week, we are thrilled to be releasing research from our latest Small Charity Index. Alongside the Association of Chairs, we surveyed small charities to ask them about the effectiveness and training of their Chairs.

How important is it for your Chair to get training or support to be effective in their chairing role?
We found that small charities feel it is important for their Chair to get training or support to help them to be effective in their role, with almost three quarters of respondents (74%) rating this as ‘Very important’ or ‘Quite important’ to them.


Has your Chair had any formal training or support to be effective in their role?
Despite this importance placed upon training and support for small charity Chairs, over half of respondents told us that their Chair had never received any formal training or support, or they did not know if they had (56%). Only 16% of Chairs had received this support in the past 12 months, with 15% in the past 1 -3 years and 13% over 3 years ago.

Whilst it is great that 44% of Chairs have received some kind of formal training or support, it is worrying that for 64% of these people this was not received in the past year. Training and support can be a great tool for small charities to ensure that their Chair is effective, using the most up-to-date knowledge to lead their board.

How can your charity get involved?
Both the FSI and the Association of Chairs offer low-cost training and support for small charity Chairs and Trustee boards, as well as other resources which are available on the #TrusteesWeek website and the Charity Commission.

To celebrate #TrusteesWeek we are holding a free Good Governance 30 minute webinar, ideal for those considering taking on a Trustee role, new Trustees looking to be more effective in their role and anyone who wants a refresher on good governance.

The FSI also has a range of free online resources available to aid your Board, including our Essential Trustee video series which is a great tool for inducting new Trustees, as well as refreshing the knowledge of your current Trustees.

The Small Charity Index is the FSI’s quarterly ‘Pulse of the Sector’ report and has been collecting data every three months since June 2013. The report looks at income, service delivery, workforce and governance, allowing us to track the trends, challenges and opportunities emerging across the sector.

The FSI can only amplify the voice of small charities if you take part in our Index survey. The survey is open four times a year, with prizes for those who take part in more than one.

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Ellie Lynch is a Project Officer for the Policy & Special Projects team at the FSI.