Small Charity Skills Survey 18/19 – Open Now

Small Charity Skills Survey 18/19 – Have your voice heard

Every two years, the FSI produces our Small Charity Skills Survey report, examining the areas within the charity sector that are highly skilled, and those which are trailing behind. We use this to direct our programming and influence sector-wide conversations, ensuring that we continue to address the most pressing challenges facing small charities.

The report is only possible thanks to input from our members. Our next Small Charity Sector Skills Survey 2018/19 is open now and we want as many small charities as possible to complete it. Between September and February, we will be releasing a series of short surveys to examine what skills gaps present barriers to small charities and how these can be overcome.

This month we are focusing on Skills Gaps: Causes and Impacts. You can complete the surveys as they are featured over the coming months, or if you’d prefer you can access all seven here.

As a thank you for taking part, we will be offering individual cash prize draws for each survey you complete, with a bigger cash prize draw for those who complete all seven. You can find out more about the draws and eligibility criteria here.

Why take part?

The results of the surveys are extremely important as they will inform what skills gap solutions our Learning Programme focuses on over the next two years.

We also hope that outcomes will continue to influence government strategy for small charities, as well as giving you a tool to gain leverage in funding applications to support the development of your skills.

How does this work in practice?

Our last Small Charity Skills Survey 16/17 told us that skills gaps still present a major barrier for small and local charities and community organisations across the UK, with more training cited as a solution to the problem. However, one size does not fit all, and we were responsive to this information.

If the small charity sector is to be self-sustaining, investment in staff is needed to allow you to meet the demands of your community. Time is critical for small charity staff, so we adapted our learning offer to include learning videos, 90 minute face-to-face workshops, 30 and 90 minute webinars, alongside our traditional full day training courses and conferences.

We are looking forward to examining what the data from the 2018/19 Skills Survey Report will tell us about the trends and changes that have occurred over the last two years. This will ensure that our learning programme is as responsive and relevant to your needs as possible.

Ellie Lynch is a Project Officer for the Policy & Special Projects team at the FSI.