New small grant programme for charities under £50,000 turnover!



Last year the FSI’s partner, Localgiving, awarded £100,000 in grants to 205 local charities and community groups through its Magic Little Grants Programme with the Postcode Community Trust. This years its back, to provide over 400 grants of £500 to small charities and community groups. The Magic Little Grants Fund provides small charities and community groups the opportunity to access funding to deliver engaging physical activities, which help to overcome barriers to participation. On top of their grant, all successful organisations receive access to Localgiving’s online fundraising platform, numerous fundraising resources and regular match fund campaigns. 

To benefit from funding, projects need to meet either of the following themes: 

  • Overcoming barriers to participation in physical activities in creative ways 
  • Increasing social cohesion through developing access to sports and other recreational activities 

Applications are able to be made from now to 31st October 2018. As part of the grant, organisations who are not currently members of Localgiving will also be awarded an annual Localgiving membership, worth £96, that will enable them to benefit from Localgiving’s online fundraising support and services. 

Grant Eligibility
In order to apply for the funding grant your organisation must meet the following criteria: 

  • Income – You must have an annual income under £50,000. Priority will be given to organisations with an annual income under £20,000.
  • Physical activity projects – You must be running, or be planning on running a project that encourages individuals to take part in some form of physical activity to help improve their physical and mental health and well being.
  • Operating within Great Britain – Please note that organisations operating in Northern Ireland are not eligible to apply. 

Members of the FSI leading the way! 

Several FSI members have already successfully applied and been awarded the grant. They include Positive Activities in Lincolnshire who have been awarded £500 for their new Green Gym initiative!  

Positive Activities are part of the DCMS funded online fundraising support package. If you have recently attended an in person DCMS funded FSI training, make sure to get in touch about joining the programme! 

How To Apply For A Magic Little Grant 

Localgiving member? If you are a Localgiving member, simply log in to your account and click the Magic Little Grant button on your dashboard (as shown below) – it should only take 10 minutes to complete your application. 

Not a Localgiving member? If you are not a Localgiving member then you need to click here for further information about applying for the grant. 

For further information please download our guidance notes. 

Please note that as applications are reviewed on a monthly basis, your organisation could wait up to two months to receive an update on the status of your application. Successful applicants will receive the grant payment within a fortnight of being notified they have been successful. 

Questions about applying for a grant? Contact our Localgiving help desk on 0300 111 2340 

If you have attended a DCMS funded FSI training and would like more information on the online fundraising support package, email Conor, the Localgiving Partnerships & Programmes Manager at