Member of the Month – Coaches Across Continents

Member of the Month – Coaches Across Continents

Each month, one of our small charity members is celebrated for all the hard work they do for their beneficiaries as well as being an engaged FSI member. This November, our Member of the Month is Jordan Stephenson from Coaches across Continents– congratulations to Jordan and the team!

What is your charity’s mission and how do you achieve this?

Coaches Across Continents creates pathways for social change by partnering with local organisations around the world. Together with our implementing partners, we challenge harmful cultural and traditional practices, allowing individuals to make their own choices and pathways for change through our Sport for Social Impact curricular. Through our partnership model we are able to address 5 key areas: Child Rights; Gender Equality; Conflict Prevention; Health & Wellness and Skills for life; as well as contribute towards 8 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have both a UK registered charity as well as a US 501(c)(3) organisation, however the majority of our funding is through our US operations. As a small charity we have been successful in working with large corporations to integrate our services and expertise within their Cause Marketing and CSR strategies. This allows us to receive the necessary funds to continue to support our local partner organisations, as well as partnering with corporations to Design, Develop and Implement sustainable corporate legacies around the world.

What are your successes to date?

To date our organisation has won over 21 global awards including being shortlisted for Global Impact of the Year at the 2017 Beyond Sport Awards. We are proud of impacting over 2 million children worldwide through our methodology, which provides the communities with the ability to identify and solve problems in the communities.

What is your relationship with the FSI?

As an organisation our first involvement with The FSI was attending one of their Fundraising Strategy workshops delivered by Alex Hayes. The workshop was a great opportunity for us to assess our current fundraising efforts and identify new areas of funding [such as Legacy funding] where we can continue to make improvements. As a result of the training we have designed a revised strategy and we have a clear target for 2018. Subsequently we have supported The FSI with speaking at their October conference in Leeds around our Corporate fundraising and we continue to develop a strong relationship with The FSI for the foreseeable future.

What does winning member of the month mean to you?

Coaches Across Continents UK is a small organisation, January 2017 allowed us to employ the first full-time staff in the UK for several years. It is a great achievement for us to win the Member of the Month with The FSI as it highlights the progress we have made across 2017 and it will help up build our UK charity through the continued support which The FSI provides.

Jordan Stephenson is the SDL Facilitator and European Sustainability Strategist at Coaches Across Continents.

Interested in learning more, visit the Coaches across Continents website for more information.