Have you wondered if you need to make your charity a safer place?

Have you wondered if you need to make your charity a safer place? Have you found useful advice or just confusion?

The Safer Social Sector Partnership (SSSP) are working to improve the information available when you want to take steps. For the partnership, “Safer” covers child protection; supporting vulnerable adults; #metoo culture; how people can make complaints and other related subjects.

SSSP partners, Neontribe and Crocstar, would like to chat to staff or volunteers who have done some work making their organisation safer OR are about to do so.

They’re specialists in creating content online, based on research with the people who will eventually use it.  They’ll ask you about the successes and frustrations you’ve had in this area, and make maps of the journeys you have taken, or watch you search for information online and see if it is easy or difficult to find what you need. They’ll also ask you to look at some different types of information and respond in different ways. Voice and screens will be recorded, but not your face, and you can request for files to be deleted at any time.

We’re looking for 5 people (or you can come as a pair if this suits you better) to join us for 45 minutes on:

  • 23rd April at The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, Hoxton, London N1 6HT

We would really appreciate your input and so can offer each charity up to £25.00 to cover your travel costs plus free 30 day access to our E-Learning Module: Developing Your Fundraising Strategy for each of the 5 charities taking part. Check out our free overview of the course here. (The commercial value of this course is £150).

  • You need to be a trustee, staff member or volunteer at an organisation which offers general activities or services, NOT a youth or social care specific organisation
  • You need to NOT have a safeguarding specialist you could turn to within your organisation

If you’d like to be involved, please contact admin@thefsi.org.